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John Commissiong

President & CSO

Trimeric Therapeutics, Inc.

As Chief: Unit of Neural Transplantation (NTU), NINDS-NIH, Dr, Commissiong pioneered the development of protoplasmic astrocyte cell lines as sources of drug candidates to treat neurodegenerative diseases. It took 5-years to make these cell lines! The library now consists of 88 of lines derived from four brain regions. This technology was combined with assays that could identify and select specific neuronal phenotypes. These two items were combined into a drug development platform from which MANF is derived. This approach was made possible because of our increased understanding of how astrocytes and neurons interact in the CNS. Dr. Commissiong is convinced that we are at the beginning of a new era in the development of astrocyte-derived biologics to treat neurodegenerative diseases. MANF is just the first of this new class of drug candidates. The origin of the astrocytes is of paramount importance. They must be closely matched with the specific neuronal phenotype we wish to protect.

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