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Xiaoxi Wei


X-Therma Inc.

Dr. Wei is an entrepreneur and chemistry professional in supramolecular assembly. As one of the few pioneering chemists in the field of cryobiology, Xiaoxi develops bioinspired molecules to advance the legacy antifreeze technology via biomimetic nanoscience. She received her Ph.D. degree in Supramolecular Chemistry from SUNY-Buffalo, which involved learning from Nature to design functional nanostructures that rival Nature’s function and developed synthetic sub-nm transmembrane pores with distinguished selectivity, resulting in 6 peer reviewed publications.

She founded X-Therma Inc. to pursue her 10-year passion and dedication to improve cryopreservation for human health, resulting in X-Therma’s core technology based on hyper-effective ice prevention materials and a three tier system of bioinspired chemical technologies. She has led X-Therma since inception.

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