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Sudhir Bhatia


Genekam Biotechnology AG

He is conducting research since 1987 in the field of immunology as well as virology. From 1989 he started working on development of human therapeutic antibodies in medical school in Göttingen University and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Germany. After 1992 he started his own company in Germany with little money in the field of electronics. From success in the electronic company, he started a biotech company called Genekam Biotechnology AG in 1999. From Genekam Biotechnology AG, there are two spin off called MICROBOSS Hightech UG (focussing on veterinary medicine and animal reproduction medicine) and MICROBOSS Nanomedicine GmbH (quantum dots applications). His main areas of interest are influenza viruses, mosquito borne flaviviruses, HCV, 3D stem cells (MSC), immunology, therapeutic molecules and now nanomedicine. Most of technology developed in Genekam are his ideas.

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