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Venu Raman

Chief Scientific Officer

Natsar Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Venu Raman is an Professor in the Johns Hopkins Medicine Department of Radiology and Radiological Science and Department of Oncology and Director of Molecular Therapeutics-Division of Cancer Imaging. His research focuses on developmental cancer biology. Dr. Raman’s work on deciphering the role of HOXA5 and Twist in breast cancer formation is widely recognized both nationally and internationally. He is affiliated with the John Hopkins Medicine In vivo Cellular Molecular Imaging Center.

His current research integrates molecular and cellular biology, developmental biology, cancer biology, molecular imaging and targeted drug development. He is leading research projects that determine the role of dysregulated genes in cancer, and the translatability of this information to a clinical setting. In this regards, he has done extensive research on deciphering the functional role of a RNA helicase gene, DDX3 in biogenesis of multiple cancer types such as breast, lung, and sarcoma.

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