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Rahul Puri


OncoTAb, Inc.

Rahul Puri, Ph.D., is co-founder of OncoTAb and has over 26 years of professional and executive leadership experience across multiple industries and serves as the Company’s CEO. He is a creative and enthusiastic problem solver credited with multiple inventions and eighteen patents. He founded OncoTAb along with Mayo Clinic alumna, Dr. Pinku Mukherjee, with a vision to address unmet needs in breast and pancreatic cancer diagnosis and treatment. He was instrumental in developing the blood test to aid breast cancer detection as an adjunct to mammography for women with dense breast tissue. Currently he is negotiating Joint Venture agreements to launch an India operation for the South Asia market. He is also working with a multinational conglomerate to explore integration of OncoTAb’s technology into their fully automated immunoassay system. He has also been successful in winning 3 awards from the National Cancer Institute to develop OncoTAb’s technology for therapeutic applications.

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