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Jeremy Ellis

Chief Scientific Officer

Fry Laboratories, LLC

Jeremy Ellis, Ph.D. is the CSO at Fry Laboratories, LLC, an independent clinical diagnostics and research laboratory. He leads the development of clinical applications of NGS in infectious disease. Dr. Ellis is uniquely situated at the translational crossroads between clinical diagnostics and research. An example is his role as the primary developer and project director for the RIDI™ system, an integrated NGS diagnostics system for targeted prokaryotic and eukaryotic detection and identification in clinical samples. As such, Dr. Ellis is responsible for several patents and many patent pending technologies. Dr. Ellis received his Ph.D. in Developmental and Cellular Biology from the University of California, Irvine where he focused on TGF-beta growth factors in Drosophila. His B.S. was awarded from Arizona State University in Microbiology.

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