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J. Robert Coleman


Codagenix, Inc.

Dr. Coleman is an entrepreneurial synthetic biologist who co-found Codagenix, Inc. to commercialize their genome design platform for vaccine development – helping to raise $14M and securing partnerships in the Agricultural vaccine space. Dr. Coleman led Codagenix’s Influenza vaccine candidate from bench to bedside, where it is currently being tested in Phase I/II human trials. Dr. Coleman leads all aspects of the Codagenix business and oversees the strategic advancement of its pipeline of vaccines including: Zika, RSV, Dengue, and other targets. Dr. Coleman is a skilled and creative microbiologist who has made pivotal advances in synthetic biology (Science 2008). His work possesses a unique vision and he is passionate about utilizing rational gene design to solve pertinent medical issues and emergent bio-threats. He has a BS from Tulane University, a PhD from Stony Brook University, and a MBA from


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