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Ira Spector, MBA, PhD


SFA Therapeutics

Dr. Spector is a highly accomplished and results-oriented clinical development executive, with a proven record of implementing practical solutions and successfully leading the development of major biotech and pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. He has helped develop 12 medical devices and 33 approved drugs. He has been a co-founder of three startups. Dr. Spector founded SFA Therapeutics to further develop findings from Temple University’s Biology Department, in the use of pre-biotic compounds found in the microbiome, which exhibit strong anti-inflammatory effects. These compounds are on the Generally Regarded As Safe FDA list, and show activity in animal models in halting the progression of liver disease and in a small human test in the treatment of psoriasis. Patents have been issued in liver disease and filed in psoriasis; and further patents are to be filed in additional disease indications.

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