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AmideBio LLC

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  • Date:Wednesday, October 17
  • Time:9:15 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Room:Olympic
  • Location:2nd Floor
  • Session Type:Company Presentation
  • Presentation Type:Privately Funded Company
  • Company Description/Mission Statement:AmideBio is a biopharmaceutical drug discovery and development company operating in the diabetes space – a market with many options, but one still hungry for innovation. The primary area of focus is in Glucose Responsive Insulins (GRIs) – a treatment paradigm that can potentially redefine how diabetes is treated. AmideBio has a novel approach to GRIs, with an ability to intelligently design insulin analogs using computational techniques, coupled with a proprietary manufacturing technology (BioPure™ Platform) which allows for the low cost, high-efficiency manufacture of insulin analogs. In a second research program, the BioPure™ platform has been used to create a series of thermally stable, soluble glucagon analogs in pursuit of an orphan drug indication for congenital hyperinsulinism. Beyond the GRI program and glucagon programs, AmideBio leverages its manufacturing technology to generate revenue through the supply of ultrapure peptides to a variety of customers.
  • Company
  • Company HQ City:Boulder
  • Company HQ Country:United States
  • Company HQ State:Colorado                   
  • CEO/Top Company Official:Pawel Fludzinski, Ph.D.
  • Year Founded:2009
  • Main Therapeutic Focus:Metabolic Diseases
  • Lead Product in Development :Preclinical GRI candidate; preclinical glucagon analog
  • Development Phase of Primary Product:Pre-Clinical
  • Additional Information/Comments:GRIs represent the next frontier in the treatment of diabetes. In the fullest realization of the GRI concept, people with diabetes would have much tighter glycemic control thereby reducing long-term complications, eliminate the daily risk of hypo/hyper-glycemic events and eliminate the need for daily basal insulin injections and/or mealtime injections. In addition to GRIs, AmideBio continues to pursue a novel glucagon analog program targeting an orphan drug indication for Congenital Hyperinsulinism (CHI). Solution stable glucagon has been an elusive target for many years, and solution stability is needed to make glucagon treatment a viable option for CHI. Efforts are currently funded by an NIH Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant. The company is seeking a staged investment of up to $16M over a 4-year period to further the company’s novel glucose responsive insulin and glucagon programs through the completion of Phase 1 clinical trials.
  • Previous and Current Investors:Founders, Angels, NIH, State of Colorado
  • Total Amount Raised to Date, In All Rounds:$3.1M
Pawel Fludzinski