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Accelerating Biotech R&D through Cloud Computing

  • Elliot Menschik, Amazon/Amazon Web Services,
  • Matt Brauer, Third Rock Ventures,
  • Karina Chmielewski, Third Rock Ventures,
  • Pablo Gersberg, BlackThorn Therapeutics,
  • David Konerding, insitro ,
  • Craig Muir, Third Rock Ventures,
  • Charles Wolfus, MyoKardia

The development of cloud computing allows start-ups to scale their IT costs at the same pace as their ability to create value from them, tapping into analytics resources that traditionally were only available after massive up-front investment. For biotechs in particular, the variable data intensity of different stages of the drug development process makes cloud computing a major enhancement for R&D productivity. As real-world data and genomic sequencing become more widespread inputs to clinical trials, the data needs of biopharmas will increase exponentially, as will the challenge of integrating these data sources and the opportunity to make progress addressing unmet patient needs at a pace closer to the IT industry’s speed. This panel will feature therapeutic and IT experts describing processes and applications that are making a difference today.

Moderator: Elliot Menschik, MD, PhD, Healthcare and Life Science Ventures, Amazon Web Services, Amazon

  • Date:Thursday, October 18
  • Time:9:45 AM - 10:40 AM
  • Session Type:Educational Session
Elliot Menschik
Amazon/Amazon Web Services
Matt Brauer
Third Rock Ventures
Karina Chmielewski
Third Rock Ventures
Pablo Gersberg
BlackThorn Therapeutics
David Konerding
Craig Muir
Third Rock Ventures
Charles Wolfus