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To find a partner to co-discover/develop GPCR antibodies

  • Date:Wednesday, October 17
  • Time:9:30 AM - 9:45 AM
  • Room:Elizabethan D
  • Location:2nd Floor
  • Session Type:Company Presentation
  • Presentation Type:Privately Funded Company
  • Company Description/Mission Statement:To enhance quality of life by providing innovative therapeutic solutions to people suffering from diseases. AbTLAS is developing innovative therapeutic antibodies for complex targets including GPCRs and ion channels through discovery of functional antibodies using FAST platform technology, which employs HTS of a spatially addressed Fv antibody library with cells expressing target of interest.
  • Company
  • Company HQ City:Chuncheon
  • Company HQ Country:Korea - South Korea
  • Main Therapeutic Focus:Multiple Therapeutics
  • Lead Product in Development :A2A adenosine receptor antagonist antibody
  • Development Phase of Primary Product:Discovery
  • Total Amount Raised to Date, In All Rounds:2.5 million