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“Digiceuticals” as a New Class of FDA-Approved Therapeutics: Investment & Partnering Opportunities

  • Ruchita Sinha, Sanofi Ventures,
  • Jeffrey Abraham, Akili Interactive,
  • David Klein , Click Therapeutics, Inc.,
  • Antoun Nabhan , Pear Therapeutics,
  • Lucia Savage, Omada Health

Within the past year, the FDA has launched a provider pre-certification program as a pilot to manage the expansion of “digiceuticals” or digital therapeutics that produce clinical benefits for patients via interaction with a software application or mobile app. This innovative regulatory approach seeks to provide discipline around clinical utility with the iterative improvements enabled by software versus standard manufactured medicines. Given the near-instant worldwide distribution platforms of mobile apps, the technology enables fundamental changes in managing interactions with patients to understand and treat disease, with clear collaboration benefits between biopharma and digital therapy providers. This session will feature companies trying to expand this frontier, the investors distinguishing among the competing technologies, the therapeutic partners who might benefit from such apps, and experts on the most likely pathways innovations will take to reach patients.

Moderator: Ruchita Sinha, Senior Director of Investments, Sanofi Ventures

  • Date:Thursday, October 18
  • Time:10:45 AM - 11:40 AM
  • Session Type:Educational Session
Ruchita Sinha
Sanofi Ventures
Jeffrey Abraham
Akili Interactive
David Klein
Click Therapeutics, Inc.
Antoun Nabhan
Pear Therapeutics
Lucia Savage
Omada Health